Immediate Results

Antibiotics Stewardship

From the Antibiotics Stewardship Program, in which Qualis infectologists are available to serve all partner institutions immediately, hospitals have improved adequacy rates (%) of antimicrobial prescriptions (improved quality of care) in the early months of monitoring compared to the cost of antimicrobials.




Hospital Infection Control Advisory

In addition, the Hospital Infection Control Advisory has a benefits program based on hospital infection surveillance, preventive measures, and infection indicators, which provides a 64% reduction in the rates of resistant microorganisms in the first year of partnership.




In the Hospital Infection Control Advisory program, Qualis offers monthly and annual reports on infection rates, enabling the partner hospital to compare each month and year, always thinking of developing improvements to the institution and to patients’ treatment.

Rate of infection by invasive procedure in the Adult ICU:




See testimonials from our partners about Qualis’ services:


Coordinator of CCIH

Hospital Montenegro

“The partnership with Qualis further strengthens our commitment, as we use all possible technological tools. It isn’t easy to manage changes, but when we have several people in the same focus, strengthening brings excellent results, and that is having Qualis as a partner”.


technical director

Hospital Regional do Alto Vale

“Qualis’ working methodology is fast and efficient. The portal is intuitive and fast to access and fill. The team is extremely helpful and enlightening. Qualis’ services have revolutionized the assistance provided by the Hospital Regional Alto Vale, with improved results, reduction of multidrug resistance and rational use of antimicrobials, as well as cost reduction, which are fundamental to the institution’s financial health. I hope this partnership is long, that is what I wish”.