Alert against superbugs

Increases in the rates of bacterial resistance are fueling the post-antibiotic era worldwide. Inadequate antibiotic prescriptions are contributing to the rise of bacterial resistance. This increase may change some practices in medicine. Surgery prophylaxis, and even simple medical interventions, may become unsafe procedures.

Data indicate that 50% of antibiotic prescriptions are inadequate in several ways: in the indication of use, in the choice of antimicrobial, , in dosage, in the chosen route, and in the length of time prescribed.

* Proportion of clinical isolates that are resistant to antibiotics. MRSA (Staphylococcus Aureus resistant to meticillin). VRE (Enterococcus resistant to vancomicina). FQRP (Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant to fluoroquinolones)

The solution is the prevention

Antimicrobial stewardship seeks to prevent prescription errors in terms of indication, choice, dose, route, number of days of therapy.

With real-time evaluation of all antibiotic prescriptions within 5 minutes with direct response to the prescribing physician, we improve medical prescription and patient outcomes.

prescricao-medicoThe doctor sends the antibiotic prescription form for evaluation.


The infectious disease physician receives the form and makes the evaluation within 5 minutes

prescricao-retornoPortal Qualis returns a recommendation to the prescriber.


Complete communication between Doctors, Pharmacy and Qualis Specialists

Portal Qualis offers the Pharmacy module. There, you can find a list of patients with the antimicrobial prescribed in the period. This eliminates de manual control of antimicrobial prescription by the pharmacist.

Besides, through the platform, the pharmacist can contact the prescriber via text messages, advising if the treatment is ending or if there is a need to adjust the prescription previously, so then the doctor can take a decision.

farmacia-farmaceuticoThe Pharmacist checks if the treatment is ending

farmacia-listathrough the list on Portal Qualis

farmacia-smsand sends a text messages to the doctor, advising that the treatment is at the end.

farmacia-medicoThe doctor receives the text messages and takes the decision.